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Hello and welcome to a journey into Pasquotank County's wild and wonderful past! My name is Diane Siniard

  • Let's stop here to visit Pasquotank County's past and learn a little about her history!

  • Pasquotank is in the northeastern section of the State and is bounded by Albemarle Sound and Perquimans, Gates, and Camden counties.  The present land area is 226.88 square miles and the 2000 population was 34,897.  It was formed as early as 1668 as a precinct of Albemarle County.  Its name is derived from an Indian word "pasketanki" which meant "where the current of the stream divides or forks."

    It is not known when the first courthouse was built, supposedly it was located at New Begun Creek, but from 1737 to 1757 the courthouse was at Broomfield.  In 1758 it was moved to Relfe's Point.  It remained there until 1762 or probably a little later.  From 1765 until 1785 the courthouse was at Winfield.  In 1784 the Assembly directed that it be moved to Nixonton, and from 1785 to 1800 Nixonton was the county seat.  In 1799 Elizabeth Town (City) was named the county seat and on June 6, 1800, the first court was held there.

    Elizabeth City was first called Redding, which was established in 1793.  Redding was changed to Elizabeth Town in 1794, and Elizabeth Town was changed to Elizabeth City in l801.  Today Elizabeth City is the county seat.

    *Information courtesy of the North Carolina Encyclopedia.

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