Pasquotank County 1767 NC Early Census Index

This is a listing of the 1767 census in Pasquotank County. I have transcribed the names EXACTLY as they appear on the census records. This census transcription is complete and as accurate as the original census takers wrote it down. Any errors or omissions are not on my part.

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Amos Boswell
William Campbell
Thomas Cartwright
Samuel Collyer
John Hicks
William Humphries Jr
John Kelly
Thomas Lawson
John MacKeel
Silvanus Mahow
Thomas Mahow
Willis Marshal
Solly Mason
James McDaniel Jr
Joseph McNeal
Coy Mercer
Joseph Mercer
Thomas Merrel
William Merrel
Thomas Merret
William Merret
John Miller
John Taylor Miller
Taylor Miller
Francis Mitchel
Henry Mitchel
John Moncrief
Asa Morgan
Benjamin Morgan
Isaac Morgan
James Morgan Sr
Joseph Morgan
Mack Morgan
Philip Morgan
Robert Morgan
William Morrell
Robert Morris
Josiah Nash
Gideon Needham
John Needham
Joseph Needham
Benjamin Newby
Jacob Newby
James newby
Joseph Newby
Mordica Newby
Samuel Newby Jr
Samuel Newby Sr
Thomas Newby
Anthony Nichols
Caleb Nichols
David Nichols
Henry Nichols
Jeremiah Nichols
Joseph Nichols
Lemuel Nichols
Nathan Nichols
Thomas of Henry Nichols
William Nichols Jr
Willis Nichols
Thomas Norris
William Norris
William Norton
John Oggs
Joshua Overkman
???? Overman
Benjmain Overman
Benjamin Overman Jr
David of William Overman
Enoch overman
Ephraim Overman
James Overman
John Overman
Joseph overman
Malachi of Wm. Overman
Nathan Overman
Samuel Overman
Thomas Overman
Thomas Overman Sr
William Overman
William Overman Sr
John Overton
joseph Overton
Joshua Overton
Peter Overton
Richard Overton
William Overton Jr
Willis of Wm. Jr Overton
Thomas Pademon
Benjamin Paderick
Benjamin Padrick
Benjamin Padrick Jr
John Padrick
Henry Palin
John Pallesteel
David Palmer
Malachi Palmer
Robert Palmer
THomas Palmer Jr
Elisha Parker
Joshua Parrish
Pallesteel Pearce
Peter Pearson
Caleb Pendleton
George Pendleton
Henry Pendleton
John Pendleton
Joseph Pendleton Jr
Joseph Pendleton Sr
Robert Pendleton
Timothy Pendleton
Asa Perkins
Thomas Perkins
Benjamin Phillips
Benjamin Pike Jr
Benjamin Pike Sr
John Pike
Joseph Pike
Samuel Pike
Samuel Pike Jr
Nathaniel Peper
John Pointer Sr
Samuel Pointer
Caleb Pollock
Barnaby of Joseph Pool
Benjamin Pool
John Pool
Joseph Pool
Patrick Pool
Richard Pool
Solomon Pool
Caleb Potlock
William Powers
Widow Alice Pressely
Garrot Pressley
Nathan Pressley
Ann Prichard
Arthur Prichard
Benoni Prichard
David of James Prichard
David Prichard Sr
Elisha Prichard
Hugh Prichard
James Prichard
Jesse Of Thos. Prichard
John Prichard
Joseph Prichard
Samuel Prichard
Thomas Prichard Jr
Thomas Prichard Sr
William Probey
Cornelius Raper
William Ratcliff
Benjamin Reding
David Reding
Joseph Reding
Thomas Reding
Trimagain Reding
Christian Reed
William Reed
John Relfe
Robert Relfe
William Relfe Jr
Benjamin Richardson
Evan Richardson
James Richardson
John Richardson
John of Lebis S Richardson
Joseph Richardson Jr
Joseph Richardson Sr
Josiah Richardson
Lebias Richardson Jr
Lebias Richardson Sr
Stephen Richardson Jr
Stephen Richardson Sr
William Richardson
Benjamin Riding
David Riding
Jacob Riggs
Leavant of Thos. Roads
Thomas Roads
Malachi Robertson
Enoch Rolfe
Robert Rolfe
Thomas Rolfe Jr
Thomas Rolfe Sr
William Rolfe
John Rose
Abel Ross
Joseph Rubin
Joshua Sampson
Devotion Sandeline
Ezekiel Sandeline
James Sandeline
Maxey Sandeline
John Saderline Jr
Richard Sanders
Alexander Sawyer
Benjamin Sawyer
Caleb Sawyer
Caleb Sawyer Jr
Charles Sawyer
Climmond Sawyer
Coston Sawyer
David Sawyer
Dempsey Sawyer
Elisha Sawyer
Evan Sawyer
James Sawyer Jr
Job Sawyer
Jobe Sawyer
Joel Sawyer
John Sawyer
Jonathan Sawyer
Joseph Sawyer
Jospeh F of Wm Sawyer
Lemuel Sawyer
Lewis Sawyer
Margaret Sawyer
Silvanus Sawyer
Solomon Sawyer
Stephen Sawyer
Thomas Sawyer 
Truman Sawyer
William of Joseph Sawyer
John Scarbrough
Jonathan Scarbrough
Alexander Scott
Joseph Scott Jr
Joseph Scott Sr
Mary Scott
Samuel Scott
Samuel Scott Jr
Stephen Scott
William Sexton
Jarvis Seymore
John Seymore
James Sikes
Maxamillion Sikes
William Sikes
William Simpson
Joab of Ruth Simpson
Robert Simpson
Mrs Ruth Simpson
William Simpson
John Sivills
John Small
Obediah Small
Ezekiel Smith
James SMith
John Smith
Mordici Smith
Thomas Smith
John Smithson
Reuben of John Smithson
Esau Snow
David Spence
Greaves Spence
James Spence
Jehu Spence
Jeremiah Spence
Joseph Spence Jr
Joseph Spence Sr
Lemuel Spence
Rancher of Joseph Spence
Thomas Spence
John Squires
Roger Squires
Thomas Squires
John Stafford
Samuel Stafford
Stephen Stafford
Thomas Stakes
Benjamin Stanton
Ebenezer F of W M Stephens
Wm. of Ebenezer Stephens
Joseph Stokeley
William Swann
Abraham Symons
Abram Symons
Jeremiah Symons
John Symons Jr
John Symons Sr
Samuel Symons
Edward Tadlock
James Tadlock
Charles Taylor Jr
Daniel Taylor
Evan of Jacob Taylor
Gabriel Taylor
Jacob Taylor
James Taylor
Jeremiah Taylor
John Taylor
Joseph Taylor
Thomas Taylor Sr
William Taylor
Willam Taylor Sr
Joseph Temple
Thomas Temple
John Thackary Jr
Joseph Thackary
John Thomas
Henry Thorowgood
John Tillet
William Tillit
Elizabeth Todd
Banjamin Torksey Jr 
Banjamin Torksey Sr
John Torksey Jr
Phillip Torksey
Thomas Torksey
Abel Trueblood
Caleb Trueblood
Daniel Tureblood
Fisher Trueblood
Josiah Trueblood
William Tsaylor Jr
Samuel Tumbles
Daniel Turner
Amos Upton
Josiah Upton
Thomas Upton
Willis Upton
Azariah Vaughn
Pharoh Ventress
Thomas Verden
Peter Vishen
William Walker
William Watson
John Wauchop
Charity Wayman
Wm. of Charity Wayman
Charles West
John West
Lemuel West
Isaac Wharton
Willis Wharton
Abraham of Zach. White
Arnold White
Benjamin White
James White
Joseph White
Joshua White
Robert White
Samuel White
Willis White
Zachariah White
Charles Whitehurst
John Whitehurst
Jonathan Whitehurst
Caleb Whorton
Stephen Wilcox
Benjamin WIlliams
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams
David of Daniel Williams
Elkney Williams
Jesse Williams
John Williams
Joseph Williams
Leonard Williams
Ludwig-Lodwick Williams
Robert Williams
Shadrack Williams
Thomas Williams
Willis Williams
Henry Williamson
Francis Willson
John Willson
Thomas Willson
Willaim Willson
John Winberry
Noel Winberry
William of Noal Winbury
Josiah Winslow
Humphrey Wood
John Wood
John Wollridge
Widow Wooton
Thomas of Widow Wooton
Aaron Wright
Augustione Wright
Barnabas Wright
Charles Wright
Cornelius Wright
John Wright Jr
John Wright Sr
Thoas Wright
William Wright
William Wright Sr

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