Pasquotank County, NC

Eliza A. Spruell Obituary

Died in Pasquotank county, at the residence of Wm H. Davis, Esq., on July 2d, Mrs. Eliza A. 
wife of General H. G. Spruell, in the fifth-ninth year of her age. The death of this estimable lady 
will be sincerely mourned by a large circle of friends and kindred who justly loved her for her social 
virtues and Christian graces. Her whole life exhibited a bright example of those qualities of Heart, 
which win esteem command respect, and compel the affection of all who know them and feel 
their influence Her gentle temper, cheerful dispensations of God, she was never blessed with a 
child, who might know the tender love and care of her motherly nature be blessed by the influence 
of her Christian life or compelled to mourn the sad bereavement of her death; but in the absence 
of such blessing, her affectionate heart sought and found ample indulgence of its maternal spirit 
in the kind are and solicitude always bestowed upon the children of her kindred and friends. Her 
illness was short and severe, but her death, as her life, was calm and peaceful; for she sank into 
it as into a peaceful slumber, and we are assured that she went to rest in the bosom of the Lord 
who she had faithfully served in His Blessed Church on earth. 

Obituary from Norfolk Virginia newspaper July 21, 1869 

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