Will of Ahaz Cartwright

In the name of God Amen, I Ahaz Cartwright of this state and county, being weak and sick of body but sound of mind and imposing memory Thanks be to God for the same do make this to be my Last Will and Testament in manner following: Item I give And bequeath to my loving wife Bethany Cartwright One Cow and my Gartin One pewter Dish and three pewter plates two earthen plates one Case and bottles, one Chest, three case knives and forks, one meal bowl, three pewter spoons, two do basins, one small iron pothook and ham Item I give ___ to my son Isaac Cartwright all the land and swamp that I bought of Joseph Richardson that is contained in sd. Deed to him and his heirs and one yoak of young steers, one bull, one axe and one hoe. Item I give to my son Hezekiah one heifer and one yoak of oxen to him and his heirs. Item I give to my son Josiah Cartwright one tract of land lying between Hezekiah and Joseph Ccartwright’s lands. It runs from amarked tree to a mmarked tree and so by a line of marked trees to the back line, , one mare heifer, 10 head of hogs that he now owns to him and his heirs. Item I give and bequeath to my son Ahaz Cartwright the remaining part of my lands that has not been given away before--, one one acre and one house to him and his heirs. Item I give unto my son Joseph Cartwright one mare and colt, and one heifer to him and his heirs. My will is that all I have given to my wife during her life or widowhood after her Death or Marriage be divided equally between the children she had by me. My will is that there be the sum of 10 pounds raised out of my estate for the use of the child my wife goes with if if she should be of child .s. Ahaz Cartwright. Exor. Hezekiah Cartwright North Carolina, Pasquotank County September Term 1876 Present the Worshipful Justices These may certify the Last Will and Testament of Ahaz Cartwright dec. was exhibited by Hezekiah Cartwright the Late Executor therein named named and proved by the Oath of David Pritchard one of the Subcribing evidences thereof at the same time Said Executor appearing at was Qualified by taking the Oath subscribed by Law ordered that the Will be Recorded by Foliers Testamentory File Test Enoch Rolfe Clile Recorded in Folio 76 by Enoch Rolfe Clele

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