Will of Hervey Luten

State of North Carolina Pasquotank County In the Name of God Amen I Hervey Luten of the County and state aforesaid, being blefsed with good health at present, praise be given to God, for this inestimable blefsing, but being conscious of approaching mortality, have made this to be and contain my last will and Testament. ITEM: I lend unto my beloved wife Penelope Luten during her natural life the land and plantation whereon I now live, to go there with rail timber and fire wood of the wood land which descended to me from my father Constantine Luten, deceased, also the land which I purchased belonging to the late William Clack, deceased, and of Phoebe Luton and Henry Lutin (also during hr natural life but not to be removed out of the County) one Negro boy named Stephen, one Negro Girl named Muriam, two feather beds and furniture - her choice, five Windsor Chairs, five flag bottomed Ditto, one walnut tble, one round table, one walnut case, one walnut desk, one mahogany clock, one horse or mair her choice, Riding Chair and harnefs, two cows and calves, five silver tea spoons, one loom gear and one spinning wheel one beaufut and furniture , one chest, all the kitchen furniture, five head of hogs, two weeding hoes, one axe, one plough, one yoke steers and cart, and after the death of the said Penelope Luten, the property thus given to her to return to my son Thaddeus Freshwater Luten to him and the lawful heirs of his body forever. ITEM; I give and bequeath unto my son Thaddeus Freshwater Luten all my lands and the Tenements except the land and premifses whereon I now live and privledge of rail timber given unto my wife Penelope Luten during her natural life, also I give unto my son Thaddeus Freshwater Luten, one Negro man named Tuck and one Negro woman named Toishey, Negro Girl named Nancey and if my said son Thaddeus should die without heirs lawfully begotten of his body then the whole of my Estate to be equally divided between my two brothers, Henry Luten and Constantine Luten and my sister Phoebe Luten, and their lawful heirs forever. Should either die without such heirs I give and bequeath all my Estate Real and personal to the survivor or surviving and their heirs forever. ITEM; the remainder and residue of my Estate not previously bequeathed I request may be sold to pay my just debts, the surplus, if any, I give unto my son Thaddeus Freshwater Luten, to him and the lawful heirs of his body forever. I nominate, Constitute and Appoint my friend William Wilson whole and Sole Executor of this my last will and Testament, ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and Testament. In witnefs whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this 24th day of May 1814. Signed sealed and delivered in presence of Wm. Spence, M.T. (?) Spence /s/ H Luten (seal) The Cover Sheet reads "not to be recorded) INVENTORY OF THE ESTATE OF HARVEY (sic) LUTEN DEC'D TAKEN BY WILLIAM WILSON JANUARY 26th 1819 Page 1 of 2 pages 2 beds and furniture one case & bottles - 1 desk, 1 buffet Crockery & glass ware 2 looking glasses,m 6 pictures 9 chairs, 4 tables, 1 gun 2 ditto, 1 sword, pistil & holster, trumpery, 1 clock 2 waiters & candlestocks 1 horseman's cap, 1 pair steelyards, m 1 plough, small quantity iron, 1 steel trap 2 jugs, bushel measure 1 hand ?, 2 axes, hoes, m1 ditto one ax, chain 1 spade, traces, 2 saddles 1 bridle, 1 ?m 1 wheele-barrow & hide(?),1 hand mill 1 pot trammel, 1 iron pot, 1 tea- kettle, 1 hominey mortar ? 1 dutch oven, 1 small mortar small quantity copper ware, 1 loom, 1 ? tray, 1 ? wheel & winding blades 1 large wheel, 2 linen ditto 2 chests, small quantity hogs lard, some porke, some herring 2 ploughs, 1 hide leather 1 reap hook & 1 barrel flax some empty barrels & hhds [hogsheads], 1 pair cart wheels, 2 riding chairs & 1 tan ? trough(?) , 1 demijon [bottle] 1 harness tub, iron wedges & 1 hachet, some blank warrants 23 heads cattle, including oxenm cows & yearlings, 11 head sheep & some running at large, 14 ditto hogs & pigs, 1 hand saw, 1 ox cart, 1 bee hive, 5 heads horses, some books Cash found in the house $30.75 Ditto rec'd of Peter Edwards - $20.00 Benjamin H. Harveys note for $20.00, doubtful, Richard Simpson, do for $37.20, John Luten 3 notes for $19.32. not goood Thomas Commander note $80 Thomas Keaton note for $3.45 not good Asa Sanderline 2 notes for $21.86 John Pool ditto for $10.00(?) HARVEY LUTEN INVENTORY CONTINUED Page 2 of 2 William Boones 1 note for $2.90 Hamilton Cotton (?) di $55.00 Jessee Delon 1 do $24.50 Benjamin M. Jackson do $400.00 Ditto - do - 1 do $11.00 Jonhn B. Mansards do $50.00 Thomas Barnards note for $300.00 George Nicolson & N.C. George $45.00 David Davis of colour 1 note $9.75-not good Adam Shaws note for $37.20 Thomas Markham, do for $4.5 Some small notes some of which are good, some Fees due from sundry persons All of which will be accounted for when received 1 wheat patch, 1 negro man named Jupiter, & ditto Tom, 1 ditto, Jack, 1 girl Milly, 1 negro boy, 1 ditto woman & three children, 1 canoe 1 County Claim /s/ Wm. Wilson, Jurat [recorded in Book A page 336 & 337] THADDEUS LUTEN ORPHAN OF HERVEY LUTEN DEC'D IN ACCT WITH T. FRESHWATER GUARDIAN .dated ?Feb. 1823 DEBIT To balance due the guardians Feb. Probate Court 1822(?) To renewing guardian bond To paid tax on land 1820 and 1821 To paid Constantine Luten for 8 months board To two yards blue cloth at $5 To paid Tayler for making coat To trimming from Tisdales Store To paid Constantine Luten for washing To ditto for a pair shoes To pair shoes from Tisdales Store To paid for mares going to horse To paid William Lowry(?) for his account To paid Nehimiah Pendelton for 2 pair shoes To sundries from Seabury's(?) store To paid Sarah White for medicine To one ? paper from Tisdales store To 5 percent commission of $109.10 To 12 months interest on $29.44 To clerk fee for recording this account. CREDUT 1823 By land rent & Negro hire due $822(?) Balance due the Guardian Errors Excepted /s/ T. Freshwater / PETITIION FOR DOWRY State of North Carolina Pasquotank County - September Term 1819 To the worshipful Court your Petitioner, John Robertson and wife Martha humbly shew that your Petitioner, Martha, was the widow of Hervey Luten, deceased of said County who died intestate seized and pofsefsed of real estate in said County with building improvements and that your said Petitioner, Martha, has since intermarried with our Petitioner, John, and that they have had no dower laid off of the real estate of said Hervey Luten according to the Acts of Assembly in such cases made and provided, they therefore pray that your worships pass an order for the sheriff to summon a jury and lay off her dower and make report according to law to next term. /s/ Leonard Martin, atto. For Pettioner a copy by Test. Wm. J. Muse, Clk ALLOTMENT OF DOWRY TO WIDOW OF HERVEY LUTEN Agreeable to the annexed order of we the undersigned have met on the premises of Hervey Luten, dec'd for the purpose of allotting off to John Robertson in right of his wife her dowry of said dec'd land & after being duly sowrn have laid off the same in the following manner viz: we do allot and say that John Robertson shall have all the plantation whereon the said dec'd formerly lived and twenty one thousand corn hills called the Creek plantation, beginning at the mouth of ? gut running with the ditch to the mainland thence down the said road to John Cartwright ? thence down the said line to the Creek thence along the Creek to the first station with the privalege of rail timber and fire wood for the use of said plantation. Given under our hand & seal this 5th Nov. 1819 /s/ Th. P. Overman/Nathan Overman/Wm. Snowden/Henry Sanders/Benjm. B. Lowry/Charles Wootten/James ?/Joshua X Marham/Lem(?) Snowden/Hugh B. Knox/W. H. Davies/James Wood. State of North Carolina To the Sheriff of Pasquotank County Greetings. You are hereby commanded to summon a Jury of Freeholders in pursuance to an order of the County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions of your said County, connected with the party neither by consanguinity or affinity to meet on certain lands of which Hervey Luten died seized and possessed for the purpose of laying off and allotting to John Robertson and Martha, his wife who was the widow of the said Luten shown therein agreeable to their Petition (a cohy of which is within. Herein fail not and of their proceedings thereon you are to cause a due return to be made at the next Court to be held for the County of Pasquotank aforesaid at the Courthouse in Elizabeth on the first mondayk in December next and have you then and there this writ . Witness: William T. Muse, Clerk of the said Court at Elizabeth City the first Monday of September Anno Domini 1819 in the 44th year of our Independence. Dated 29 Sept. 1819 /s/ Wm. T. Muse, Clk. State of North Carolina Pasquotank County September Term 1819 To the Worshipful Court: Your Petitioner John Robertson & wife Martha hereby show that your petitioner Martha was the widow of Hervey Luton , dec'd of said county who died intestate seized and possessed of real estate in said county with buildings and improvements ?and that your said petitioner Martha has since intermarried with your petitioner John and that they have had no dower laid off of the real estate of said Hervey Luton according to the act of assembly in such case, made and provided. They therefore pray that your worships ? an order for the sheriff to summon a jury to lay off her dower and make report according to law to next term. /s/ Leonard Martin Atty for Petitioner. STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA PASQUOTANK COUNTY In Equity To the honorable judge of Equity Your orator, Constantine Luton of said county humbly shewing that he purchased of Harvey Luton and before his death a certain piece of land in said county joining the lands of said Harvey Luton heirs, your orators lands and the land of John Robinson [Robertson] containing six acres more or less being the same lands that was Sukey Luton, dec'd And that he paid said Hervey Luton for said lands in corn sold ? to him before is death and that the said Hervey Luten promised in consideration of said payment to give him a deed for the same but failed to do so and died intestate leaving only one child and heir at law, Thaddeus Luton an infant of very tender years to whom there is now guardian, Thaddeus Freshwater. Your orator prays that as guardian to said Thaddeus Luton that a copy of this writ be served upon him by his guardian and that you honors ? him a deed ? or deed for said land according the ? of his complaint whatever else your honor deems fit and proper in this case. /s/ Leonard Martin ? for complaintants. Dated 1819 Agreeable to the annexed order to us directed we have proceeded to lay off and allot to Patsy Luton widow of Hervy Luton, dec'd. one years provisions as the law directs as followth: Two hundred weight of Pork and two hundred weight of bacon all of wheat on hand and all Indian corn supposed to be five barrels ? above supposed to be sufficient to by sugar, coffee. Given under our hands the 25th day January 1819 /s/ Th. P. Overman, J>P>/Nathan Overman/ Benj. B. ?/? State of North Carolina Pasquotank County March Term 1819 Ordered that Henry P. Overman, Esq. A Justice of the peace, Benjamin M. Jackson, Nathan Overman and Benjamin Lowry, Jun. Be appointed to lay off and allot to the widow of Hervey Luten, deceased a part of the crop, stock and provision of her said husband agreeable to act of assembly and make report. /. Muse, Clk. APPRAISMENT AND DIVISION OF THE NEGROES BELONGING TO THE ESTATE OF HERVEY LUTEN DEC'D WHICH IS AS FOLLOWS: Tam valued at $200 Jack valued at $400 Jupiter valued at $400 Shepard valued at $300 Mariah valued at $150 Julia valued at $125 Davis valued at $200 Meriam valued at $300 Rachael valued at $175 Total of $2250 No. 1 Martha Luten alias Robertson's share Jack valued at $400 Shepard valued at $300 Julia valued at $125 Total of $825 [she] to pay Charley Luten $25 [she] to pay Thaddeus Luton $50 Total of $75 [making her share $750) No. 2 Charly Lute Share Jupiter valued at $400 Rachel valued at $175 Mariah valued at $150 To receive from Martha Robertson $25 Total $750 No. 3 Thaddeus Luten Share Tam valued at $200 Davis valued at $200 Mermaid valued at $300 To receive from Martha Robertson $50 Total $750 In obedience to the annexed order of Court to us direct we have proceeded to divide the Negroes belonging to the Estate of Harvey Luten dec'd among his lawful representees viz: Martha Luten alias Robertson, Thaddeus Luten and Charley Luten as is within stated given under our hands & seal this 26th December 1820 /s/ Ambrose Knox/ H.P. Overman/? Overman (Division of the Negroes of Harvey Luten, dec'd Returned March Term 1821 & ordered to be recorded /s/ Wm. T. Muse, Clk. Recorded Book G page 101 ACCOUNT OF SALES OF THE GOODS & CHATTELS OF HERVEY LUTON SOLD THE 26TH DAY JANUARY 1819 AT THE REQUEST OF WM. WILSON, ADMNR. Part 1 of 2 parts Name of Item & buyer 2 beds & furniture - widow 1 case of bottles - ditto 1 disk - ditto 1 dining table - ditto 1 beaufat & crockery - ditto (buffet) 1 small looking glass - ditto 6 pictures - ditto 1 horse called Julie - ditto 1 single gig & harness - ditto 6 stool chairs - ditto 3 flag ditto - ditto 2 linen wheels - ditto 1 blue chist - ditto 1 tea board - ditto 1 yoke steers - ditto 1 wooden clock - Benjamin B. Lowry 1 large looking glass - Thomas ? Jordan 1 dining table - Richard Jordan 1 mahjoganey tea table - Thomas Knight 1 bed & furniture - Benjamin James 1 chest - Christophner Cartwright 1 pine table - James Turner 1 candle stock snuffer & 1 ? & ? - Thaddeus Freshwater 1 gun - ditto 1 sword pistols & holsters - Alfred A. Turner 1 lott trumpery - Richard Watkins 1 pine table - John Mead 1 horseman's cap - Richard Jordan 1 pr. Stilyards - Silas Weston 1 frow - Henry Luton 1 lott of iron - Joel Manning 1 do of trumpery - James Gregory 1 steel trap - Alfred Turner 1 jug bush. Measure - Thomas Teague 1 horn mill ? - John Cartwright 1 jug - Wm. Wilson 1 axe - Henry P. Overman 1 do - John Mead 2 weeding hoes - Samuel Wrights 1 grubbing hoe - John Morris 1 do do - Primus Knox 1 lott trumpery - James Turner 1 ox chain & hoes - Aaron Fletcher 1 spade - Wm. Wilson 1 wheel & Traces - Thad's Freshwater 1 saddle - Enoch Banks 1 ditto - Benjamin M. Jackson 1 bridle - Thomas Barnard 1 ? - James Gregory 1 wheel barrow & hide(?) - John Cartwright 1 hand mill - John Morris 1 pott trannel - Demsey Brothers 1 pott - Wm. Knowls 1 tea kettle - Stephen Chancy 1 hominey mortar pestel - Thad's. Freshwater 1 dutch oven - Henry Snowden SALES Part 2 of 2 parts 1 small mortar - Thaddeus Freshwater 1 lott coopers wear - Henry Luton 1 loom - Samuel; Knights 1 bread tray - Richard Watkins 1 quill wheel & winding blades - Const. Luton 1 pine table - James Pool 1 woolling wheel - Silas Keaton 1 bbl & hogs ? - widow 1 do of Pork - Francis Wilson 1 do of do No. 2 - Joshua A. Pool 1 do of do No. 3 - Wm. Fletcher 1 do of do No. 4 - Joshua A. Pool 1 do of ? - ditto 1 plough - Benjamin Lowry 1 reap hook - Nathan A. Morris 1 barrel of flax seed - Silas Keaton 1 lott empty barrels - James Gregory 1 pr. Carte wheels - John McDonald 1 riding chair - James Turner 1 tan trough - John McDonald 1 demijohn - Solomon Pool 1 harnis head tule - Constantine Luton 1 pr hand irons - Henry Luton 1 lott trumpery - Demsey Brothers 1 hatcxhet - widow 1 lott of blank wartrentes (?) - John Lowry 1 cow & yearling - widow 1 sow & pigs - ditto 1 yoke steers - Francis Mitchel 1 do do - John Jinnings 1 ? cow - Thomas Tingue 1 red do - Jesse Maddux 1 do do - Constantine Luton 1 heiffer - Asa Sanderling 1 yellow cow - Wm. Freshwater 1 bull - Alfred A. Turner 1 red heifer - Silas Keaton 1 yoke bulls - James Pool 1 ditto - ditto 1 heffer - do 1 do do - do 1 do do - Alfred Turner 5 head sheep 1st ? - Thomas Barnard 6 do do 2 do - do do 1 large boar - Benjamin Lowry Sr. 5 shoats 2nd ? - Richard Muse 1 sow - James Gregory 1 do - Ellis A. Turner 1 pig - Wm. Wilson 4 do - Richard Muse 1 barrel tar - Christopher Cartwright 1 ox cart - Anthony R. Markham 1 stock ? - Ellis Turner 1 hay mare - Martin R. Markham 1 do do - James Pool 1 horse - Wm. ? 1 cot - Wm. Wilson sheep running at large - Thomas Barnard 1 book of Haywood Justice - Christopher Cartwright 1 barrow - do do 1 wheat hatch - John Jinnings Negro hire for this year 1 negrow man Jub ? - James Gregory 1 do do Jack - Wm. Wilson 1 do do Tom- Thomas Wood 1 do girl Milley - widow 1 do woman Shepherd & children for keeping - Nathan Morris $30 1 small Negro boy for do - David ? $3.50 Total of $1121.95 /s/ John Pool Amount of the hire of Negroes hired January the 4th, 1820 1 negro man Jupiter to James Gregory 1 do do Tom to David Parker 1 do do Jack to Frederick Pendleton 1 do girl Molley - John Robertson 1 do boy Davis for ? $8 to David Davis 1 do woman Shephard for keeping $11.75 - James S. Relfe Total of $228.00 /s/ Wm. C. George ? Recorded in Book C page 259 THADDEUS LUTEN ORPHAN OF HERVEY LUTEN, DEC'D IN ACCOUNT WITH THADDEUS FRESHWATER, GUARDIAN DEBIT 1821 To bal due the guardian March Term 1821 To 11 months interest on the same. To month board To paid Const. Luten for 10 months board To the cost of an order of Court to divide Negroes To the expense & commissioners for do To schooling To paid John Greives for keeping a cow 1 saddle To paid John Dow for an Arithmatic To 1 stack fodder To paid Joseph Fox for building a chimney To paid Bill Jackson for a handkerchief To soal (sole) leather To paid taylor for cutting a coat To paid Rhoda Sanders for making a coat To sundries from Mr. Tisdale's Store To Court on renting & hireing To sheriffs do To paid Clk for recording this account To paid Phebe Luten for making clothes & finding cloth Pr shoes from N. Pendleton. CREDIT 1821 By land & rent of Negroes hire 1821 Balance due the guardian Errors excepted /s/ Thaddeus Freshwater THADDEUS LUTEN ORPHAN OF HERVEY LUTEN DEC'D IN ACCOUNT WITH THADDEUS FRESHWATER GUARDIAN 1819 Debit To guardian bond To sundries furnished from Asa Perkins To paid Timothy Gilbert for making a coat To 1 fine hat from Smith & Sheets(?) To paid clerk for recording this account Credit By nothing come to hand Balance due the guardian Errors excepted by Thaddeus Freshwater, Guardian THE ESTATE OF HERVEY LUTEN 1819 January To cash pd clerk fees for administration Do for 2 gals rum at the venue Do Jno Jennings for his services attending court respect to will Do Fred Banks due bill Will Rose proved amount Do for sundries bot of Jno B. Mansard for Thaddeus April 27 Do Jas. Tisdale for do $10.00 Barny Tisdale proved a/c 3.39 Do Thos. Stephenson note $6.30 Jas. Gregory roved a/c $4.00 Do Malachi Sawyer $6.62 Wm. Morris for making cloths for Thaddeus $4.42 Do M. Smith prov'd act $4.88 H. P. Reding do $52.42 Do H. P. Ridings judg't & cost June 17 Do Jon. Cartwrights judgment & cost proved acct. Paid Smith & Shaw proved account $12.60 Rich'd Pool do $11.74 Do Thad Freshwater, bal due in wright of his wife Do for 5 year due bills 8/6 ;d for 1 hat for Thaddeus 12/6 Do for 5 yard blue shambry Do for yds brown ? and 1 ink stand Do Edm'd H. Perkins acct. July 14 Do for sundry papers put in his hands to collect Do Jno. McDonald for this sum subscribed to M(?) society Do do for a judgment to collect vs Joshua Roberts ? produced & the paper not to be found August 26 Do Nehemiah Pendleton for 2 proved amounts Do Mary Guin this amt subscribed for her Do Hezekiah Cartwright ? Do Francis Wilson proved account $3.00 Do Henry Luten amount for boarding Thaddeus Do for 5 yds homespun linen for ditto This sum due the Estate of Asa Sanderlins for a note of Thad Pendleton's put in his hands to collect & not paid the rest being found among sd Sanderlings papers. Cash paid Lemuel Hoskins, his amount for a balance of direct Tax Sept 17 Do Miles Elliott rpv'd account Do Wilson & Neale for sundries Pd Thaddeus expences to court to choose a guardian Do Adam Shaw proved amount CREDIT By Thomas Markham for bond feee By Smith & Shaw for do $3 Wm. Rose judgement $11.9 Jno Meads for C fees $1.80 Cash $1.40 rec'd John Pritchard ?Jno B. Mansard(?) note & interest M or W Sawyer for C fees ? - Asa Sanderline note & interest Thos. Markhams due bill $4 Jno Pool $10.25 June 17th Cash rec'd of Asa Hiten(?) for fees Do rec'd of Henry P. Riding judgement - A. Tymons Thos Barnard note $300 - Richd Pool do $7 Cash rec'd for fees Do rec'd of Aron Trsueblood for a judgment vs him & others Cash rec'd for fees $2.80 - rec'd for do a judgement ?do rec'd of Francis Wilson for fees Asa Sanderlin note & interest Benj. M. Jackson note & interest Do Hamilton Cotton do do Adam Shaw do do Miles Elliott do do Cash rec'd of Lem'l. Hoskins for com. On direct tax Benoni Keaton note $3 - Cash rec'd $4 Thos. Commanders note $80 - cash found in barn $50.75 Cash found in pocket book Jesse Delon note $24.50 Geo. Nicholson on do $45 Jno Jinnings other note $60 - E. Baileys note $6 Thad Freshwater note $19.25 - Jno Tooly's(?) note $69.50 Richd Simpson note $38 - Jno Keaton judgment $4 Csh rec'd of Joshua Pool for a bal of judgement Jno Tooby judg. $4.25 - F. Fletcher judg. $14.50 Benj. & Wm. Jackson acct Cash rec'd of Ambrose Knox, Esq. Judg. A. Calhoun $6 - Wm. Palmer $6.50 Chas. Thomas judg. & cost $10.86 - Jno Tooby do $7.3 Cash rec'd of Abjiah Pendleton Continued DEBIT Cash p[d Genj. Lowry proven acct. Do Benonie Keaton do do Do Jas. Osgood $20.20 -W.C. George Smith amt $150 Do Will C. George muster fines $7 Do Rich'd Wadkins do do Do C. Cartwright judg't ? Do for 2 yds cloth to make a jacket for Negro John Do for making John's jacket Do Thad Freshwater, guardian to Wm. Brooker bal due him Do Jno Westfield prov'd amount 1820 Jan Co Thad Freshwater do do Do Rich'd Pool judgt. Do for shoe leather for Thaddeus Do Constantine Luton proved amount Do George Baily's note $12 - W. W. Freshwater ? Henry Luton judg't & cost Do Thos. Brothers provc'd amount March 8 Do Willis Case for 1 quarter schooling Thaddeus 4 mo. Board Thaddeus $6 per mo. Cash paid Joshua Pool frov'd amount Do ditto for cost on sundry papers in the bond of Jno Lowry dec'd Cash paid Jno. B. Morris (?) and judg't and cost April 5 Do do for making coffin Do Will Luton a balance due him from the dec'd as late guardian ? Cash paid for blanket for Negro woman Sept 29 Do Ambrose Knox, Esq. One of the com's of the babtist meeting house a part of his subscription ? Oct 18 Cash pd Will Snowden a bal. Due from you as late guardian Thad Snowden Do pd Will C. George Tax for 1818 Do pd Asa Perkins note & interest Do Thos. L. Shannonhouise ? In Acct with Will. Wilson Admnr. CREDIT By sales of property sold 26th day 1819 Amount of Negro hire for 1820 Cash rec'd for fees (?) Jos. Keaton judg't Jno Luton judg't County Claim David Siss (/) of bal of note Judgement A. Symons Jno. A. Freshwater, judgment Amount of judgement & cost vs the estate of Benjamin Davis due. Amount brot from the other side To cash pd Benj. M. Jackson prov'd amt Do Ambrose Knox do do Do Davis & Knox do do Do Ambrose Knox amt. Do Will C. George judgementr & cost Do John Pool sheriff amt sales of Wm. Brashers Do do prov'd amount Ditto note & interest Do Nathan Morris for keeping Negro woman & children Do Sally Morris for makling clothes Continued page #3 Feb. 6 Cash pd Henry P. Overman note & interest Do Simon B. Pool prov'd acct 13 Do note due me Do Geo. W. Boyd judgment & cost Do Wm. C. George 4 judg't & cost Do Rich'd Chalk due bil18 Do C. Cartwright cost on a dismissal warrant April 27 Do do judg't & cost Do Am Gattin (?) rov'd amt. Do Timothy Gilbert do do Do Will T. Muse note & interest Do Jno McDonald for coffin Aug Do David Sip of ? for keeping Negro 2 years Do Jno Morris judg't & cost Do Will H. Davis note & interest July 1823 Do Wm. W. Freshwater guardian to Susannah & Polly Luten bal due them from the dec'd their late guardian March 31 Do Will Gregory judg't & cost Do Will T. Muse 1 bill of cost Wm. Snowden vs the dec'd brought by ? to save a debt which the dec'd was security for May Cash pd Lem'l Moore clerk for superior court bill dost Do Will T. Muse prov' D amt Do Geo Boyd bal of judg't Do Will C. George do do Do Will Spence judg't & cost Do sheriff comm's on amount of sales & land rent & Negro hire Do Will Crutch execution & cost Amount brot forward $2859.91 Cash paid Chas. Tafts dec'd amount $9.75 My commission on $3171.39 at 5 per cent $158.56 Auditiors charge for auditing this account $3.00 Bal due the Estate as above stated $40.17 Total of $3171.39 Agreeable to an order of Court to us directed we together have examined the vouchers of Will Wilson as Admnr. Of Harvey Luton de'cd and find a balance due the Estate of one hundred & forty dollars & seventeen cents as above stated given from under our hands and seals the 22nd day of August 1823. /s/ Jno. M. Skinner Thos. E. Shannonhouse Ambrose Knox Returned Sept Term 1823 Ordered to be recorded Recored Book G page 269-270

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