Will of John Biggs

JOHN BIGGS Pasquotank County, North Carolina, Estate Papers, LDS Microfilm #1986792 The three unnumbered pages of this record are transcribed using modern spelling, but the names are spelled as they appear in the original. The columns on the first page showing the appraised value of each item have not been copied. .....FIRST PAGE: North Carolina} Pasquotank County} The 8th of April 1754 We, the subscribers, being first qualified, do appraise and divide the estate of JOHN BIGGS, deceased, pursuant to an order of court to us directed, in sterling money as follows: THE WIDOW'S PART AS DIVIDED: 2 sows and 19 shoats, 2 cows (1 yearling, 1 calf), 1 old bed and furniture, 6 old chairs, 2 old wheels, 1 mare, a parcel of old pewter, 6 pewter plates, 1 frying pan, 4 glass bottles, 1 tin funnel [Total value is possibly 7 pounds, 17 shillings, 1 penny] JOHN HUSE*, IN RIGHT OF HIS WIFE: 1 heifer, 1 mill, 1 pair cartwheels, 1 grubbing hoe, 1 iron pestle [Total value: 1 pound, 14 shillings, 0 pence] JOHN BIGGS' PART: 1 gun, 2 cattle kind [Total value: 1 pound, 12 shillings, 0 pence] JOS.** BIGGS' PART: 1 cow and calf ("Calf" may have been changed to "colt".), 1 bridle and saddle, 1 iron skillet and flax brake [Total value: 1 pound, 13 shillings, 10 pence] JACOB GREGORY, IN RIGHT OF HIS WIFE: 1 young cow and calf, 1 razor, 1 small chest, 1 old bedstead, 1 old table, 1 pair flesh forks and some knives and forks, 2 old hilling hoes, 1 earthen jug [Total value: 1 pound, 13 shillings, 11 pence] MARGRET WILLOUGHBEE, WIDOW***: 1 cow and calf, 2 iron wedges, 1 old chest, 1 pair pot trammels, 1 old loom [Total value: 1 pound, 15 shillings, 0 pence] KEZIAH**** BIGGS' PART: 1 heifer, old bed and furniture, 2 old axes [Total value: 1 pound, 12 shillings, 6 pence] SARAH BIGGS: 2 sheep, 1 iron pot and some trifles, 3 weeding hoes, 2 old books, some knives and forks [Total value: 1 pound, 13 shillings, 6 pence] (Appraisers:) /s/WM. BURGES, /s/ABELL GALLUP, /s/JOHN BURGES *The s of Huse is the same s as in Pasquotank and other words on this page. The name could be a spelling of Hughes. **The s of Jos. is raised, with a comma or flourish below it. ***The word has been transcribed as "widow" although it looks like "Bidow". ****Keziah is written with the old fashioned z. .....SECOND PAGE: Pasquotank County A true and perfect inventory of all the goods and chattels, rights and credits of JOHN BIGGS, deceased. 4 cows and calves, 1 cow and yearling, 2 heifers and 1 bull, 5 sheep, 1 mare, 2 sows and 19 shoats, a parcel of old pewter, 6 pewter plates, 1 tin funnel, 2 iron wedges, 3 weeding hoes, 2 hilling hoes, 1 grubbing hoe, 2 old axes, 1 iron pestle, 4 glass bottles, 1 earthen jug, 2 old chests, 1 old table, 2 beds and furniture, 2 old books, 4 case knives and forks, 1 razor, 1 pair flesh forks, some old knives and forks, 6 old chairs, 1 iron skillet, 1 frying pan, 1 pair pot trammels, 1 old flax brake, 1 pair cartwheels, 1 old mill, 2 old wheels, 1 old bedstead, 1 small iron pot, a small parcel of old trumpery, 1 old loom, 1 saddle and bridle, 1 old gun, 1 mare and colt, 1 cooper's ax, 1 hackle, 1 sow*, 2 1/2 pair of hinges, 2 vials*, 2 awls, 1 old wheel, leather for 2 pair of shoes, 2 tra..* (Word ends at edge of page. Possibly "trammels".), 1 bowl, 1 earthen pan, 1 cow* kine, 1 clap knife, 1 old pair shears*, 3 shillings cash, 1 sword, 1 bridle, 2 hoodbeds*, 4 yards of Casey*, 1 stock* of mohair, some buttons*, 5 shillings cash due Asterisk (*) indicates the word was unclear and may have been incorrectly transcribed. .....THIRD PAGE: May the 6th day 1754 came Sarah Biggs before me and made oath on the Holy Evangels that this inventory of the estate of John Biggs, her deceased husband, is just and true. Sworn before me, Wm. Burges, (?.) P.* *Possibly abbreviation for Justice of the Peace or Notary Public, or the P might stand for Prothonotary. Perhaps Burgess was the county probate clerk.

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