Will of John Pendleton

North Carolina---Be it known unto all men by this presents that I, John Pendleton Pasquotank County, of the place and being in a poor state of health, but of sound disposing mind and memory, do make and ordain this last will and Testament in the manner and form of following___ I give unto my son Timothy Pendleton my land and plantation as for ____Creek to the first water fence by a small gult and a course the plantation to a Loral about an East cors and then about North cours to the back line to him and his heirs for ever. I give and bequeth to my son Lemuel Pendleton's son Micajah Pendleton my land of from the back line to the head of Hiram Pendletons Bint and to Downy Creek to the water fence Timothy's corner to him and his heirs for ever. I give and bequeth to son Hiriam Pendleton my lands from the mouth of Hiram Pendletons gut to the Long branch and all the lands between the beach and the other lands allready given to Him and his Heirs for Ever. I give all land I bout of William James to Eakely Divided Between my sons to be eakely Divided Timothy Pendleton and grandson Micajah Pendleton and that my son take this first chois of land to them and their heirs for ever. I give to my son TImothy Pendleton one forth of my Negros Nann also the other forth to my Daughter Annie Pendleton also one Cow and calf allso two Ewes and Lambs--give to my son Timothy Pendleton one Cow and Calf and Two Ewes & Lambs allso I give to my son Lemuel Pendleton two Cowes & ____Yearlings one two years Hoffer also the use of Yoak of Oxen one Cart also my grate Bay hors for the tirm and time of eighteen years also the use of my son Timothy's lands & one firther oxen and firnetue for the Same Time---also five hoggs Hors in a Pen and all my Cows Also I give to Argant Armour's Daughter Penbruk__my negro girl fillis to her Living for Ever also I give Josh Foster Curen money to be Paid by my Excutors___also I give to my son John Pendleton Thrty Pounds Curent money to be Paid by my Excutors one Cow and one Ewe also one Cow and one Ewe to Abijah Pendleton one Cow & one Ewe and Lamb one white hors to be sold & the money paid to his use also then Pound Curent Money for the Same use also all the rest of my Money in Hand to be Equaly Divided Between my Son Timothy & Daughter Anne Cared Over (NEW PAGE) Broat Over I give to my three youngest Childron Timothy Anne & Abijah Pendletons all the remainen Part of my Estate after my Debtes being paid to being Eakely Divided Amought them & Lastly I nomate & Apoint my Son Lemuell Pendleton my hole and Sole Excutor to this my Last will & Tistament in Witneys I have hearse unto Sent my Hand & Seal this 18th Day of Febuary 1778 John Pendleton Witneys John Scott George Pendleton Anne S____

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