Will of John Scarfe

Will date 15 February 1751 Pasquotank County, NC To wife, MARY SCARFE: "My plantation whereon to live and all the moveables during her natural life." To son JAMES SCARFE: "fifty acres of land whereon he now lives." To son, JOHN SCARFE: "my manor plantation whereon I now live after my wife's decease." To son, EDWARD: "forty acres of land whereon he now lives." To my two sons, JONATHAN and ISRAEL SCARFE: "all my goods and chatels belonging to my estate after my wife's death." To daughter ANN RICHARDSON: "One yew and lamb." To daughter, MARY JONES: "one chest and looking glass, the same being in her possession." Gives to son, JONATHAN SCARFE "one horse, bridle and saddle for taking care of his mother during her life and after to be his property forever." To grandchild, JAMES SCARFE, son of JOHN SCARFE: "a young heifer." CODICIL to above will on same date: Bequeaths to grandson, JOHN SCARFE, son of JAMES: "one yew and lamb to be paid unto him by my executors." Likewise, to grandchild, WILLIAM SCARFE, son of EDWARD SCARFE: "one yew and lamb to be paid after my death." Executors: wife, Mary Scarfe and son, James Scarfe. Witnesses: William Abercrombie, James Greves, William Rodes. The probate is dated 25th day of May Anno Dom. 1752. Test: Tho. Taylor, Clerk.

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