Will of John Weeks

I John Weeks being in a low state of health though of sound mind and disposing do make and ordain this to be my last will and testament Items: 1-...all my just debts paid. 2- ...to my wife Margaret Weeks, all the negro slaves that she had from Hezekiah Jackson dec'd. and all the chattel property she had when we married, also my buggy, my horse Pigeon, one yoke of oxen and cart - first choice, also one half the sheep and 3 sows during her widowhood, and after her death all items go to my daughter Elvira Izidor Weeks. 3- ... to my daughter Mary Maxfield 1000 acres of land where she now lives, also one negro girl Lilla and books and furniture, and after her death all items to go to grandsons Henry and John Maxfield... 4- ...to my son James Elliott Weeks all the lands that the home plantation contains, about 1052 acres and negro boy Isaac and old woman Nancy... 5- ...to my daughter Julia Jackson the land called the Glade Field, about 500 acres and 100 acres commonly called Desert Land... one negro girl Eliza and one feather bed and furniture... 6- ...to my son Charles R. Weeks one half of Glade Plantation containing about 233 acres... one negro man Mingo, and a horse & bridle named Charley... 7- ...to my son John Q.A. Weeks one half of the tract given my son Charles.... also negro man Big Isaac, girl Clarissa, and a horse & bridle called Binurn... 8- ...to my daughter Elvira the tract of land where my son James now lives to be sold by my executors and pay proceeds to her guardians... 9- the balance of my property to be sold and equally divided between all my children... dated 1 July 1842, Executors: James E. Weeks, and my friend William Wilson.

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