Will of Lemuel Pendleton

State of North Carolina Probate Court Pasquotank County January Term 1822 The last will and testament of Lemuel Pendleton sent Dec having been ____ at the last term of G P Overman the executor that then qulified having since died of these Yellad the other executor now being to qualify , it is ordered that A Knox Esq. have administration on his estate wtih the will annexed who appeared, qualified and entered into bonds in the sum of six thousand dollars with Mile H Davis of N C George as securities__ WILL OF LEMUEL PENDLETON STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA PASQUOTANK COUNTY Know all men by these present that I, Lemuel Pendleton, do make and ordain the following instriment of wrighting to be my last will and testament respecting the little property I have. First I give unto George Pendleton's children Samuel, Angelica, Nansey and Morandy one Dollar Each, I give unto John Hollowell my grnadson on dollar My will is that Negro Cate and child Sillen Fan Harret, Cherry and Sarah be sold to Pay Mrs. Muse. My will is that my wife Anne Pendleton have the servce and use of the following Property during her widowhood or natural life, my part of the Scott Negros Thomas and Rubin, one _____, one clock, one fine case, one fine table, six flag chears, eight winsors chears, one linnin wheal loome and winders, one_____dogs, two feather beds and furiture one chist, my top chear, my chear horse solom and yoek, one cart and oxen, one half of the plantation and all the bildens where I now live. The following is given unto my wife forever, all the furniture that she brought into my family, all the cattle she brought hear, two sows fifteen any hogs, six sheep two plows two hoes, two axes, one flax brake, likewise what cornflower bacone pork and all she may want for the year also the corn crops now planted, oats, flax, and one half of wheat, now growing, if there is any book she wants let her take them, also I give unto Joseph P Davis my granson one chist, six silver teaspoons i give unto Ambrose Hollowell my granson one chist, one feather bed and furniture, also I give unto Joseph P Davis one feather bed and furniture The property intended in this will for my daughter Anne Pendleton is as followeth, the plantation and track of land whereon iI now live Negro man Robert and Benjamin Six large Silver Spoons and five tea silver spoons forty Silver dollars now counted, four half Eagles now in hand, and all the property that Anned Pendleton her mother has the use of during her widowhood or natural life, is intended to go to lille Anne my daughter, if she, the aforesaid Anne should live to have a lawfull heire bornd of her own body then all the above property to be hers and her heires forever, but in case of my daughters death before she has an heir as above, then and in that case the property intended for her is to return to my family to wit Penny Snowden, Ambrose Hollowell and Joseph Davis my gransons that lives with me_____I give Penny Snowden the little property she has in posesion Sarah exsepted, what obligation I have I with Mr. Muse to take, all the remainder of my Property not mentiond above to be sold for the benefitt of my hiers as above after Mr. Muse is paid and Henry P overman Exector and lastly, I nominate and apoynt William T Muse to execute this my last will and Testament in witness hereof I have set my hnad seal this 5th day of May 1821 Signed and acknowledged as the last will and testamint of Lemuel Pendleton before on this 29th day of July, 1821 Lemuel Pendleton Leonard Martin Governor

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