Will of Elizbeth Torskey

Contributed by: Judy Merrell Brickhouse

  THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF ELIZBETH TORKSEY Jeneniry 25, 1758 Copied from NC State Archives Probate of Wills In the name of God Amen I ELIZBETH TORKSEY being very sick but of perfeck mind and memory thanks be to almity God for it dow make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament in ???? and form as folloeth that is to say. I recommend my sole in to the hand of almighty God that gave it and my body to the grave to be buried at the deseceshiun of my Exec. Herto after menthuned------ Itom. I give and bequive to my be loved Son JOHN TORKSEY all my esteate both reel and paneel to him and his harse for ever after debts paid (?) And I apint and consecute my trusty friend ABEL GALLUP my hole and sole Exec. Of this my Last Will and Testament and dow utterly desulot all others wills before by me maid in witness my hand and seal this 25th day of Jinuiry Jeneniry 25th then upered and FRANCES BROCKET and JUDAH WHITE and took Oath on the Holey Evengliust that the desist the above sd. ELIZBETH TORKSEY is that GELLEP shuld have lie curop her ??? and sd. and that the will as it stands was her bequist and was in her purfet senses ???? before me (NOTE I see no signature of Eliabeth) FRANCIS BROCKET Her X mark JUDAH WHITE Her X mark WM BURGESS (I see nothing that show this person in the probate but I still believe he was present) North Carolina Pasquotank County March Court Anno Dom 1758 Present His Majestis Justies These may ????? that FRANCIS BROCKET and JUDITH WHITE came into Opon Court and made Oath on the Holy Evangelist that they ware present and heard ELIZABETH TORKSEY as is within written. Then ABEL GALLOP appeared and took the oath of an Executor ordered that the Hon. RICHARD SPAIGHT Esq. Secretary hereNotree that letters issued Test. Tho. Taylor A Nuncupative Will of Eliz. Torksey Was proved in Open Court by the Oath Of FRANCIS BROCKET& JUDAH WHITE Letter iss’d the first day of April 1758 Book N. 10 Page 139

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