Halls Creek Methodist Church Cemetery

Pasquotank County North Carolina

Surveyed by Diane Siniard
September 2007
Resurveyed November 2007

The following is a complete listing of the tombstones in the Halls Creek Methodist Church Cemetery in Pasquotank County, NC.

Location: At the boat ramp on Halls Creek Rd across the street from Nixonton Ruritan Club. Signs of many more graves there that are unmarked. Very neglected.

There are a lot of signs of unmarked graves. This cemetery was larger at one time. Halls Creek Rd was built over half of the cemetery. The headstones were removed but the bodies were not unless they had family in the area.

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    GPS Coordinates:
    36 13.165 N
    76 16.421 W

    The epitaphs are as follows:

    Thomas L Ranhorn 1907-1972 Martha G Ranhorn 1861-1891 Thomas W Ranhorn 1857-1931 Eliza Brite Ranhorn 1867-1950 Robertson Jackson Jan 1 1811 Oct 31 1881 Same Stone Mary Jackson Dec 5 1810 unreadable Double Stone Pendleton Estelle Davis May 2 1880 Mar 5 1956 George Washington Jan 13 1879 Mar 24 1956 John T Davis Aug 15 1840 Dec 19 1917 Thomas M Davis Jan 15 1865 Jul 4 1889 Ruth Stallings Twiddy Nov 7 1914 Dec 25 1981 H E Lassiter Co E 1st NC Inf. William F Keaton Nov 9 1812 Jan 5 1879 Age 66 yrs 1 mo 20 dys Sarah M Keaton Aug 9 1819 Jun 16 1901 Age 81 yrs 10 mos 29 dys Unreadable Stone Unreadable Stone Additional info from Sheri Onley Raynor: Since I live close to the church, I rode down and took a few pictures to show you where the graves were since the ones that were visible when I was a child are barely noticible now (picture 0101, 0102). In pictures 0101 & 0102 you will find the remains of two gravesites side by side that were covered in brick. They were approximately 6 to 8 feet long and were raised in an arched pattern. The other graves (picture 0105) which were once very noticible as indentations in the ground are not very noticible. The Ruitans must have leveled the lot out somewhat although I did find a low place or two when walking through the lot. None of these graves were marked to the best of my memory. NOTE: These will be the last 3 photos.

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