Pasquotank County, NC

Rev. Seth Morgan Obituary

Death of Rev. Seth Morgan

Departed this life at his residence in Pasquotank co, May 5, in the blessed hope of a blissful 
immortality, Rev. Seth Morgan, in the 76, year of age. When a good man passes to his rest the 
living pay homage to his memory. It is well. They honor him and themselves. His memory is an 
incense. His life stimulates their virtue and men are made better, more charitable and more kind 
by the contemplation of it. Such was the life of the venerable and good man who has passed 
away from time into eternity. If a life of sincere devotion to duty, love and obedience to God, 
faithfulness to his fellow man, a strict observance of the golden rule, and a holy and blameless 
life, preferring others to himself, can claim God's favor, then Seth Morgan has received the bliss 
of the blessed. His humility was his strength. His meekness was his power. He was a strong 
minded man without the arrogance of intellect. Whoever told Seth Mogan a tale of distress 
without finding a heart in sympathy with human sorrow? A good man has gone to his rest. Let 
us cherish his memory and imitate his virtues and follow the example of his kindness which he 
has left to us as a legacy.

The Economist, R. B. Creecy, Eliz. City, NC - Tuesday, May 8, 1883 - Volume 12, Number 10

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