Estate of John Casse

Contributed by: Alicia Jones

Account of Sales of Goods Sold at John Casse Decease on the 3rd Day of January 1791 by Demsey Casse and Baily Jackson Execs. 1 bed and Bedsted to Demsey Cassey 1 Bowfat to Ditto 1 Refonetick to Ditto a Lot of Books to Demsey Casse 1 jug & oil to Arthur Casse 1 pr of __lands to Demsey Casse 1 side of Leather to Thomas Nichols 1 Ditto to Arthur Casse 1 Ditto to Charles Grice 1 Ditto to John Smithson 1 Ditto to Dorcis Casse 7 tand Sheep Skins to Ladick Milbey a Lot of Leather to Demsey Casse 1 Bell to Arthur Casse 1 plow to Charles Grice 1 spade to Thomas Lurry 1 axe to Ladick Milbey 1 plow to Dorcis Casse 1 Ditto to Demsey Casse 1 flax Brake to Jesse Daily 1 Ditto to Benjamin Davis 1 Ditto to Demsey Casse 1 horse cart to Charles Grice 1 ox cart Body & yoke to Ditto 1 ox Chain to Ditto 1 small chain to Thomas Lurry 1 horse to Asa Morgan 1 sow to Ladick Milbey 1 Ditto to Ingerham Luther 5 lbs. of tobacco to Demsey Casse 5 Ditto to Isaac Overman 1 pr of wedges to John Frew 1 Drawing knife to Thos. Jennings 1 Bag net to Ingerham Luther 1 Stain (?) to Thos. Jennings 1 auger to Demsey Casse 1 gouge to Ebenezer Sawyer 1 Cag of Vinegar to Dorcis Casse 2 Gimbleth to Thos. Nichols 1 Claw hammer to Charles Grice 2000 Red Oak Staves to Demsey Casse 3600/18 inch Shingles to Demsey Casse ____by the bushel @ 47 to Ladick Milbey Some Candles to Dorcis Casse Some Petatoes to Ditto Some Flexing Straw to Ditto Some Broke to Ditto 2 gallons of Branday to Baily Jackson Brought forward---- 1 Wheel Barrow 1 pr of Compasses & Book 1 Ink Stand Part of a Barrel if Brandy 3 Barrels of Sider 1_______ of ____ A parcel of old Barrels & Hogsheads a spoonful of ___and Beans Waring apparel Some Wheat 10 head of Sheep 2 Stocks of Bees Money in the Saufe 58 head of Hogs 10 Shote, 8 Hoggs 11 out hoggs Bonds and Book Debts the amount unknownd a Quantity of Corn in the Lane(?) 3 flax brakes Some Flax in the Straw Some Broken Flax Some tobacco Sand 13 or Some Cetalos (?) and some petater Plantings Some flax seed 9 geese 1 corn cradle Some Lime Some Salt 7 bushals of oates 2000 Red Oak ___staves 3600/18 inch Shingles--- 1 Hackel Coffey Mill 2 Bells 1 oxx chain 1 small oxx chain part of a barrel of Vinegar 1 small cog of Ditto 1 bag net and chimn(?) 1 Sun Dial a patch of Wheat a growing on the Land 8 ducks 18 Dunghill fouls 1 small steel trap 1 horse Bell Some Smith Petaters Demsey Cassey } Jurats Baily Jackson

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