Estate of Robert Munden

Submitted by Al Munden


        To the Sheriff of Pasquotank County, GREETINGS
Whereas Wm Wilson lately in the County Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 
held for the County of Pasquotank, before the Justices of Said Court, 
recovered against Joseph Toms Administrator of Robert Munden deceased, the 
sum of $108.30 with interest Issue 2 augt 1845 with a cr of $5.75 March 3 1846,
which he sustained by reason of non-performance of certain promises by said 
Robert Munden In his life time made, as also $16 which was taxed and adjudged 
to the said Wm Wilson for his cost and charges in his suit in that behalf 
expended, and it appears to the Justices of the said Court, that the said 
Joseph Toms hath not, nor had at the day when the Writ of the said Wm Wilson
was sued out, any Goods or Chattels which were of the said Robert Munden
Deceased, at the time of his death in his hands to be administered: and it
being suggested by the said Wm Wilson that the said Robert died, seized and 
possessed of Lands and Tenements in your County; whereupon the said Wm Wilson  
have prayed the Justices of the said Court to provide him proper relief in that behalf, and 
because we will that those things which are right and just have a due execution: WE DO 
COMMAND YOU, that you make known to Isaiah -- Harriet -- Mary -- Margaret --
Sarah Ann & Jesse & (Asksash, marked through) Munden's Infant by their Gude
??????? (unable to decipher) the clerk.

that he appear before the Justices of the County Court of Pleas and Quarter 
Sessions, at the next Court to be held for the said County, at the Court-House 
in Elizabeth-City, on the first Monday in Jan next, to shew if they have, or 
know of any cause why the said debt, intrest and costs and charges ought not 
to be levied of the said Lands and Tenements, and be rendered to the Wm Wilson
according to the force and effect of the said recovery, agreeably to an act 
of the General Assembly in such case made and provided, and further to do and 
abide by all those things which the said Court shall then and there adjudge 
concerning them in that behalf. And have you then and there this Writ. 
---Witness  WILLIAM W GRIFFIN, Clerk of the said Court at Elizabeth-City, the 
first Monday in Sept Anno Domini, 1847, and in the 72 Year of our Independence.

Issued the 20 day of Dec 1847
                                         (Signed)   W W Griffin Clk

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